Yomawari or How Can a Horror Survival Be Cute


Truthfully, Yomawari is an impressive game for PlayStation Vita, shaped with the strenuous efforts of Nippon Ichi Software. Released not long ago, this fall in Japan, Yomawari is a cute survival horror game following the story of an ingénue little girl who chose to wander far into the night, searching incessantly for her missing sister and pet dog who both disappeared mysteriously.

Yomawari Cute Survival Horror

Rendered in isometric view, the game sees the sweet girl advancing through the silent, yet frightening night, encountering different spirits and ghastly specters trying to take ahold of her.

Capturing the quintessence of Japanese ghost stories, the game displays a wide palette of spirits, both vividly colored and uncanny, as the main protagonist follows with small footsteps the path to grasping reality as it is – harsh and cruel.

The ensnaring ambience of the game is irrefutable, being exceptionally addicting despite its taxing bloody outcomes (i.e. yes, it’s quite easy to die; whether it’s clumsiness, ignorance or whatever other factor).

Yomawari Cute Survival Horror

No international release date has been announced yet, the game being at the moment available only through Japanese stores or media links. A full stream of the game can be seen here, whereas other details concerning the alleged US release to be reviewed soon.

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