Win a Trip to Gotham or Metropolis! (Seriously)

Turkish Airlines Gotham

Being the official airline partner of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Turkish Airlines dedicated two pages for Gotham City and Metropolis, the stomping grounds of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Treating both destinations as tourist attractions, an overview and thorough description with regards to culture and entertainment, cuisine and landmarks have been provided. Turkey’s national flag carrier request their passengers to book their ticket between the 07.02.16 and 09.03.16, thus entering the coveted Prize Draw which includes:

– 5 x 3 nights trip to Gotham, Metropolis for two people

– Accommodation and tickets provided for watching the Batman v Superman premiere on 20th March 2016

Further activities and surprises are at the discretion of Turkish Airlines. The inviting TV spot and several highlights of Gotham and Metropolis can be seen below:

“Gotham City, once a byword for crime and urban decay, has risen above its past to once again stand tall as an economic powerhouse of manufacturing, shipping, and financial trading. Centuries of industrial wealth have funded world class examples of skyscrapers and venues for the performing arts. Founded by a Norwegian mercenary, Gotham City is today one of the world’s leading economic hubs and a center of history and the arts.”

“Metropolis is famous for its forward-looking, optimistic spirit, captured in its nickname ‘City of Tomorrow’. With wide avenues lined with gleaming skyscrapers, and an entrepreneurial spirit that derives from its long-standing tech industry, it has an infectious energy that inspires visitors. While neighboring Gotham City can seem insular, Metropolis welcomes you with open arms. The city, of course, is still emerging from the devastation of the recent Kryptonian attack, but Metropolis has made great strides thanks to hard work and corporate investment.”

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