Why You MUST Watch The Babadook

The Babadook

The Babadook

Reviewed by many cinephiles and held in high regards by movie critics, The Babadook is an interesting one hour and a half blend of horror and thriller. Said to be “a flat-out masterpiece” by INDIEWIRE and “truly frightening” by TOTAL FILM, The Babadook is about a family of two, Amie (Essie Davis) and Samuel (Noah Wiseman) who, upon encountering a pop-up children’s book which tells the story of a vicious monster finds itself dealing with a series of sinister events.


Directed by the Australian Jennifer Kent, the movie exhibits fresh FX and an innovative approach to the horror genre. Emphasizing psychological aspects from a Jungian point of view, The Babadook is genuinely creepy, managing to instill both suspense and terror within its viewers.
Drawing tension with every scene, the 2014 movie is a must-see for any horror fans who hope to see something different.

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