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Venture Bros. – What We’ve Got So Far

Venture Bros Sixth Season

Heading for its sixth season is no surprise: the popular Adult Swim show has been engaging viewers for almost fourteen years with rib-tickling stories and surprising features! Set to premiere on January 31st, director Jackson Publick and executive producer Doc Hammer have stockpiled some exciting bits for the fans of Dr. Rusty and his inept boys, Hank and Dean.

Continuing in the same diverting fashion, the sixth season will be just as much of a parody of mundane characters as it has in the previous seasons, taking Adult Swim viewers in the heart of New York City (every neophyte’s dream), in a luxurious apartment with a dazzling view of approaching foes.

Venture Bros Sixth Season

The amalgamation of trailers and photos eases everyone’s restless spirit, incidentally having a heck-of-a-ADHD fit after introducing a David Bowie tribute or better yet a tribute of the Sovereign, the mastermind behind the Guild of the Calamitous. A terrible loss, although it is very clear that the rock legend hasn’t left the scene completely, thus being able to live on through one of our favorite shows.

the extended trailer

David Bowie tribute

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