Upcoming Horror Movie ‘The Witch’ Embraced by a Satanic Organization

The Witch

The Witch has been in the news for quite a while, showcasing the directorial talent of Robert Eggers and the entrancing picture created by Jarin Blaschke and Andrew Alzner, depicting the sullen century of a puritanical New England. Intertwining the occult with the secular, the elements of black magic and witchcraft with the nature of commoners, the horror thus fashioned is a paralyzing experience, plunging viewers into the bygones of a superstitious and unreasonable society.

Although previously adopted, The Witch still remains as a recherché choice of cinema, which eventually gained the attention of The Satanic Temple (a type of congregation mobilizing Satanists and advocates for individual liberty).

Jex Blackmore, the national spokesperson of TST revealed their intention of premiering the horror movie nine days in advance, on February 10th in New York City. Encouraging others to view the movie, rooted in mythology and European folklore, Jex added that she hopes viewers can understand the attention The Witch requires, thus undergoing a transformation and finally inspiring a satanic experience.

When could you grasp a better chance as a Satanic cult to reap some souls if not around the release of a controversial horror riddled with occult symbolism? Long ago, we used to burn witches and accuse those of whom we are skeptical as being portents of Satan. Matters seem to have changed drastically throughout the years, especially since LaVey founded the Church of Satan, making the notion of black magic, succubus and the Devil a sign of liberation and independence. Moreover, the recent spike in the paranormal, spiritualism and black arts led rave kittens with inverted crosses on their heads to be over popularized, resulting in a heap of edgy teens and wannabees. Sure, go ahead. Be a nihilist. Start a satanic revolution, if it’ll help your aching ego. No hard feelings, alright?

Peekaboo, the latest trailer for The Witch calls upon viewers to heed the approaching release date of the horror film, scheduled to be out in theaters on February 19th. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch quickly entraps viewers into the shackles of a family, doomed to be suffused in their own anxieties and fears.

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