This Week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Is Quite Lilliputian!

Hearthstone Miniature Warfare

Don’t miss out the last days of the Hearthstone Tavern Brawl whose theme of the week is entitled Miniature Warfare. Quite the mind twister, this week’s brawl catapults players into a battle with the feeblest of minions, i.e. each of them must have a cost of only one mana, however their health and attack must be of the same value too!

Spells, especially buffs are of utmost importance, as well as cards with battlecry and deathrattle.

Hearthstone Miniature Warfare

In the most essential respects, it’s a 1/1 mini-sized brawl, which is set to shrink your minions for the sake of peskiness and gaming fun!

As always, daily quests can be completed through the Tavern Brawl and, upon gaining a victory, players will receive a Classic Pack with plenty (or not) of goodies to add to the collection!

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