These Cute PC Cushions Are a Current Craze in Japan

Cute PC Cushion

The 2-in-1 lap buddy and wrist rest are a kawaii and comfortable purchase for PC users, who need enhanced support for their arms and wrists, while working or browsing the Internet. Sold under the retail price of $47.80 (5,616 yen), the character cushions have been premiered on Premium Bandai, the ultimate source for weeaboos and kawaii lovers.

Whether it’s a cuddly capybara (Kapibara-san), a relaxed bear (Rilakkuma) or huggable Yo-Kai character, Komasan, the amusing wrist rests are great because of numerous reasons:

– detach the wrist rest and you’ve got a lap buddy to keep you company during lonesome days or Valentine’s day (in the event you’re single)

– the lap buddies are super cozy

– the computer wrist rest is comfortable, colorful and incredibly cute!

So, what do you think? The photos are posted below for you to marvel at, regardless if you’re thinking of buying them for yourself or making a gift to someone dear!

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