The Red Band Trailer of ‘Green Room’ Isn’t Particularly Nifty

Green Room

Remember the Ain’t Rights? Somehow, the people responsible for the publicity campaign of the upcoming thriller, Green Room, fell into the regrettable mistake of having spoiled the entire movie – the red band trailer released not long ago by A24 displays the anarcho punk band in the most curious of situations.

We highly recommend not watching the trailer, unless of course you have a penchant for deliberately ruining your cinematic experience.

Whether or not the movie actually had a hint of suspense, it ultimately got curated and turned infinitesimal, leaving the audience with a bitter taste – all that’s left are punks, nazis, livid crowds and something in between.

Green Room is slated to be released in US theaters on April 15, following the premiere made at the Sundance Film Festival and another limited release.

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