The ‘Hands-On Games’ of 2016 – Part 2

The 'Hands-On Games' of 2016 - Part 1

The holiday season brings not only snowmen and cheerful carolers, but also the winter break and nevertheless the New Year’s Resolutions. Although innumerable, it’s somewhat easy to fathom some of them (excluding the regular peeps/ stressing the gamers):
– expansive, challenging and dynamic games
– new-gen characteristics
– exciting stories
– lack of repetitive content
– no lag
– no crashes or glitches
Surely, the list could go on, encompassing a myriad of things, yet the abundance of noteworthy titles for the future of the gaming industry is what mostly interests players. After having exposed the highly anticipated games of January 2016, the list will continue with the ‘hands-on games’ of February, denoting the top cutting edge games that are sure to reshape the foundation of our gaming experience.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

The RPG adventure will make its way into the PlayStation 4 market on February 2nd, bringing for the fifth time to the public the mysterious device meant for capturing Digimon. The game can be played either on PS Vita or PS4, depending on the player’s choice of platform. The brand-new story will feature puzzling characters, including a private eye, as deduced from the name Cyber ‘Sleuth’.

Gravity Rush Remastered

The entrancing PS Vita action-adventure will enjoy a re release for PlayStation 4 on February 2nd, promising an extraordinary, gravity-defying experience, where players find themselves controlling Kat, a young girl who finds herself with little or no memory in the floating city of Hekseville.


A futuristic turn-based tactics game, XCOM 2 is a sequel to the 2012 XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Following a notable success, Firaxis chose an engrossing scenario and tactical gameplay. To be released for PC, Mac and Linux on February 5th, with no exact guarantee for an early Xbox One or PS4 launch. Gamespot had this to add: ‘Focusing exclusively on PC right out of the gate means XCOM 2 will be better tailored to a keyboard-and-mouse control scheme and interface. (Controller support is planned for post-launch.) And knowing that players are likely to be sitting closer to their screen than they would be on consoles, Firaxis is free to provide more information. This is said to include things like the reasoning for your hit-chance going up or down.’

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

Already released in Japan, out in North American stores by February 9th, the latest Koei Tecmo game has the crown prince of Pars, Arslan and his fearless companions as a focal point, as they advance through overwhelming issues to protect and liberate the kingdom. Integrating both tactical gameplay and an absorbing narrative, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is an immersive experience based on a series of interlaced stories.

Dying Light: The Following

Coming to stores on February 9th, the enhanced version of Dying Light, entitled The Following will have players explore the story of Kyle Crane, as well as the entirety of the survival horror environment. The original game and the expansion pack, topped with the Bozak Horde and Be the Zombie mode, the Cuisine & Cargo challenge missions, and last but not least, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle will be included in the Techland game.

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 is an adventurous, action-packed 2D platform game, centered around Beck the android, aka Mighty No. 9, who must venture against a band of rogue robots in order to ensure the safety of the planet. Involving competitive multiplayer modes and exciting content, the slightly nostalgic game will be available for a bunch of platforms (Xbox One, PS4 & 3, PC, PS Vita, etc.) on February 9th.

… to be continued

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