The Beginners Guide to Playing League of Legends

How to Play League of Legions

Every once in awhile gamers will feel the need of venturing into something new and exciting. Although it has been out for awhile, League of Legends, Riot’s pride and glory is still one of the most played PC games, having registered a total of more than 27 million daily active players. The main reasons behind its effervescence and success are the mélange of RPG and RTS elements, the constant updates and continuous improvements carried for ensuring players’ satisfaction and genuine comfort. The elaborate and fast-paced mechanics resulting in a competitive game between two teams, each developed uniquely render LoL attractive and fascinating. One of the definite traits of the game is replayability. Given its roster of divergent and complex champions and torrent of varied game modes and playstyles, LoL has been rewarded with the BAFTA Game Award for Persistent Game and the Golden Joystick Award for Online Game of the Year.
First-time players may easily feel alarmed due to the high amount of information, however guidelines and community interaction almost always manage to facilitate better understanding.
The developers behind the PEGI 12-rated game encourage novices to voice their ideas, be ingenious and strategic, since LoL emphasizes coordinated team-play. The advantage of having the world’s largest online community, persistent activity and gameplay updates has made possible the connection to eSports, allowing players worldwide to attend prestigious Championship series and various tournaments.

#1 Take your time
Ranking level 30 requires time, about a total of one hundred games and one hundred and fifty hours of continuous gameplay. Given the fact that PvP games are only available from level 5 and considering the aforementioned specifics, players are strongly suggested not to fret over the pile of characters and positions, but rather utilize the time resourcefully, understanding the basics of the map and mechanics, steadily approaching questions meant to shed light over one’s position preferences, i.e. ‘Would I like playing a mage? What if I’m better suited as a melee champion? Are ranged ones appealing to me more?’

#2 Have a clear idea and understanding of the map
A key step in gaining XP, leveling up and comprehending the constituents of the game is familiarizing oneself with the map. Comprised of three lanes, top middle and bottom, teams are either located on the bottom left or top right corners of the map, while players have different positions depending on the type of chosen champion.

How to Play League of Legions

Top: The champion who sticks to the top lane on Summoner’s Rift. Normally played by tanks or bruisers—i.e., melee characters who can either take, or deal, a lot of damage. Or both at the same time!
Mid: Like top, except for the middle lane. Mid-laners are usually champions with solid ability power, or AP for short.
Jungle: The one champion who doesn’t have an assigned lane. Instead, junglers move around the jungle, killing the monsters inside and dropping into any of the three lanes to help their teammates by, say, assassinating an unsuspecting opponent.
ADC: One of two champions assigned to the bottom lane. ADCs are supposed to spend the early part of a game farming minions, leveling up, and buying as much gear as possible to keep increasing their attack damage.
Support: The other champion who plays on the bottom lane. Supports do lots of nice things like: keep ADCs alive, help them land kills, and place wards on the map to increase their team’s visibility.

#3 Mind the mini-map
The elements of coordinated team-play and strategy are factors of utmost importance, determining the necessity of awareness and as a result checking the mini-map every once in awhile. Displaying events which are often times off-screen, the mini-map is a great way of staying vigilant and dismissing the possibility of any surprise attacks.

#4 Memorize the hotkeys
Memorizing hotkeys will shorten the lengthy road to level 30. Secondly, it will render gameplay more fluid.

How to Play League of Legions

Q, W, E, R: Your four main abilities.
Ctrl + Q,W,E,R: Level up that ability (without having to click the little plus sign with your cursor)
Alt + Q,W,E,R: Casts spell/ability on yourself (if possible)
Shift + Q,W,E,R: Casts spell/ability at your cursor (if possible)
F, D: Your two Summoner Spells
S: Stop whatever it is you’re doing. Useful to prevent yourself from auto-attacking minions.
1-6: Your items. You only need to press these if a specific item has an active ability.
Spacebar: Centers the camera on your champion. Very useful during team battles when things get super hectic visually.
G: Send pings to your teammates.
Y: Locks/unlocks camera on champion.
B: Recall (teleport back to base)
P: Opens up shop window (use to check prices on items when you’re away from the base)
Tab: Opens up stats page for current game.

#5 Read and embrace the lore and language of LoL
One detail League of Legends and Magic the Gathering have in common is, for instance, content. So much content is available for players to peruse over and research, an aspect providing both a ‘cultural’ experience and a steady acclimation for newcomers at the Summoner’s Rift.
In-Game Terms:

Ace: all of the enemy team is dead for the moment. Beware spawn times but now is an excellent time to push.
Aoe : area of effect, an ability which covers an area, rather than a single character.
AP : Ability Power. The stat which boosts the effectiveness of certain abilities.
Aura : A ‘passive’ which applies not only to the hero who has it, but also to heroes within the given range for the aura. A shareable passive.
backdoor: To attack the enemies towers and base without the cover of your creeps there
Brush : The large grass in LoL which causes your hero to be hidden to people outside of the brush
Buff:Typically a temporary increase to some stat(s)
Carry : A character who, if played properly, wins late game fights for a team. Typically these heroes are weak early game and require a lot of farming.
CC :crowd control. Moves that interfere with the other champions actions such as stun, fear, knockbacks/ups and blind.
CD: Cool down, the length of time you must wait after casting an ability, before you may use that ability again. Note, there are a few abilities that trigger cooldowns on one or more of your other abilities, or reduce their cooldown timer.
Champion: The particular character that you as the summoner control
Dd :direct damage ability. Typically DDs are unavoidable: Click ability, click target, profit. For example: Annie’s Q fireball.
Disable: A Disable is a debuff that usually prevents some kind of action on the player. Stuns, roots, silences are all examples of disables
DOT : Damage over time.
Dps: Damage per second. Also refers to characters who job it is to deal damage (As opposed to support and tanks)
executed= killed by a tower with no enemy hero receiving credit for it
Farm: Farming involves the amassing of gold for player. This is usually best done by killing a lot of creeps and killing them very – quickly. Certain Heroes like Ashe and Tristana are great farmers: The first has a +gold passive, and the latter has an AOE passive.
Feed: A player who dies constantly feeds the other team (via the gold reward for killing someone). Being called a feeder is not a compliment. A player who is fed has a lot of kills.
Grass: see brush
Harass: to annoy the enemy with small bursts of non lethal damage, often forcing them to go heal or be set up for a gangk.
Hero: non-canon name for a champion
Humiliation: killed by a creep with no enemy hero receiving credit for it
IAS: Increased Attack Speed
juke, juking : When being chased, juking is to fool your pursuers. Typically this happens in the jungle. A successful juke could – range from eluding the enemy by exploiting line of sight, or could simply cause the enemy to mistarget a spell.
Jungle : to attack neutral creeps, allowing for 2 solo lanes and better ganking.
Lane: the road like expanses that contain towers and lead to and from the bases
last hit: Getting the very last hit, or killing blow.
MR: Magic Resist. Works as armor against magic abilities, reducing the damage.
Ms: movement speed
Neutral: The creep-enemies who live in the jungle
Passive: An ability which is not activated but helps a character
Pbaoe: point blank area of effect. The area of effect is centered around the caster such as Nunu’s Ultimate or any aura.
Proc: refers to a weapon, item or ability activating with the “Chance on Hit” or “Chance on Use” effect (an ability or a spell). “Programmed Random Occurrences”
Root:A debuff which prevents any movement by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Silence: A debuff which prevents any abilities being used by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Skillshot: an ability that fires a projectile that can be dodged.
Snowball: an item that grows with kills, that can quickly become very dangerous unless kept in checked by death.
Stun : A debuff which prevents any action by a champion (summoner spells excluded)
Summoner: Your representation in the game. Essentially you are the puppet master of your selected Champion and you have your own – summoner abilities along with the champion’s abilities.
Support : Characters who job it is to support other characters: Healers, buffers, etc
Tank: Character with a lot of HP and likely armor/resistance. Whose job is to initiate battles with the enemy players/turrets as to draw damage onto himself.
Tp :summoner spell teleport used to traverse the map “I’ll tp back in”
Ult: ultimate ability. The R Ability.
Unique: In LoL certain auras/passive are unique, meaning they do not stack.
Locations: Top,Mid,Bot: what we called the three lanes
River: It goes diagonally through the map the most traffic area for crossing lanes.
baron, nashor, worm = the big worm like boss that gives a noticeable buff to the whole team when killed. The big red skull on the minimap dragon = the powerful neutral creep that provides gold and experience to the entire team. Located on the river near the bottom lane
jungle = The mass of trees and paths that exist between the lanes

Common Team Chat
b: back, fall back, they’re coming for you
Back: fall back, they’re coming for you
Bait: to deliberately appear in a position to be easily ganged so as to lure 1 or more players to be gangked by your team “go bait them into the jungle”
base, basing: going back to base
bp, pill, pilling: blue pilling, going back to base
Care : be careful, they may be coming for you
d, defend: to sit at a tower and/or inhibitor and attempt to avoid confrontation while stopping the enemy from killing the objective “I’m gonna d mid”
DD (alternative): don’t die. Also sometimes direct damage
Focus: To target a player. Meaning that as a team you all will all focus on a specific hero to kill first.
Gank : to go (often with more than one player) to try and kill an enemy, often by surprise “lets gank bottom” . An Ambush
Heal : either the summoner spell, a champion ability, or the act of returning to base to regenerate HP and mana “you should heal”
Kite: Kiting is keeping an enemy away from you while, either to pull them away from the team, or to simply prevent them from damaging you, possibly harassing them in the process. Also the means by which many ranged champions kill melee Lom : low on mana
miss, mia: Missing, missing in action. Commonly used to describe when a hero is missing from a lane and may indicate to the team that a gank may happen.
Oom: out of mana
Pot : potion (sometimes elixirs too)
Push : to gather up a creep wave and attempt to destroy an enemy tower “I’m going to push bottom”
QQ: meaning to tell someone to quit, often as a rage quit. Coincidentally depicts a set of crying eyes and has also come to mean “cry more”

Source: Larias

#6 Try out different champions and stick to your favorite
As a novice it is essential to try out different team positions and affiliate oneself with as many characters as possible, so as to single out a favorite. This said, players shouldn’t limit themselves to being too specific and should rather welcome the variety conferred by the game.

#7 Plan in advance the item list you’re interested in buying
Which roughly translates to: before the game starts. By doing so, players minimize the risk of forgetting items or taking too long browsing through the store’s items. By becoming familiarized and comfortable with the necessities of your champion and setting time aside to plan minimal calculations, the game will be free-flowing. Also remembering what is necessary as opposed to what aesthetically looks good is another key element.

How to Play League of Legions

#8 Maintain communication with teammates
This doesn’t mean to trash talk. By doing so, players risk being reported and consequently banned. Saying GG at the end of a game, maintaining good communication and responsiveness will aid cooperation between players and further fortify the team.

#9 With the risk of being repetitive, stay behind your minions and avoid the range of towers
This couldn’t be more clear and the tutorial games emphasize the same. Staying behind minions ensures less damage coming from enemy champions, minions or towers and avoiding the range of towers will make a defensive habit and structure of great use.

#10 Stay in the safe zone and aim for destroying the Nexus
Staying in the safe zone and being wary will prevent players from getting ‘Ganked’ (i.e. suffering a surprise attack). Secondly, destroying the Nexus (primary objective) will result in a…

How to Play League of Legions

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