Terrified of Feminists? Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Won’t Make it to the Western Market!

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is titillating and riddled with sexual innuendos. The ecchi game developed by the Japanese video game development studio Team Ninja has triggered a series of backlashes for being sexist from various posters on social media, leading Koei Tecmo publishers to consider only Asia and Japan for the upcoming game’s release.

Focusing on skimpy-dressed curvaceous chicks engaged in different sports activities, the recent gameplay and teaser videos got guys such a hard-on that some YouTube users literally commented ‘Can this game be played with only one hand?’.

In spite of the existent excitement among fans, DOAX3 won’t make it to the West, due to its heavy entanglement with feminist organizations and the publishing company’s persistent concern of how the Western audience responds to the voyeuristic game’s erotic depiction of women.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

Fated to censorship and hefty criticism, the alternative could only be to altogether disband all plans of releasing the game in the West, a matter which although seems radical, has in fact countless reasonable aspects. You may wonder, if pornography, mass-media and the entertainment industry (TV-shows, motion pictures, games, music) already are depicting women erroneously, why despair over one more video game?

Sex games are already out there, as well as 3D porn, hentai and other wacky stuff, but DOAX3 never labeled itself as a sex game, on the contrary, it was publicly announced as a sports game. Whether that implies depicting sexually arousing CGI women battling each other in splashing water with their tits all over your face, it doesn’t matter anymore because it can be labeled as ‘art’ – a matter which changes things around drastically.


Hiding from criticism after creating a video game centered around scantily dressed clad women is condemnable, Koei Tecmo giving the impression of admitting they are doing something wrong – the developers and publishers should definitely face the surfacing issues, instead of dodging them.

Laying out the cards, facts even out:
– Art (in today’s terms) can mean anything.
– Sex is everywhere, it’s a vital part of our society and marketers know that ‘Sex sells’
– Depraving women and viewing them as objects to be ogled are characteristics of an inferior mindset
– A game or an idea cannot be menacing, it’s society who exaggerates its lacks, leading to a morbidly curious and sexually frustrated generation

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