Steam’s Ultimate Controller (Newest Updates)

Major Updates Steam Controller

Following the ‘complaints’ (perhaps a bit harsh) of users and buyers with respects to the Steam Controller, Valve not long ago released an update, hoping to render it more ‘easy to handle’.

Adding more features, among which the most important are the mouse regions that enable the use of trackpads, Valve aims to make the controller ‘user-friendly’ in order to have it ideal for playing real-time strategies or shooters.

Notwithstanding the jarring comments made by the media and followers, Valve took matters in their own hands, giving way for the community to manifest its suggestions and requirements. According to a recent tweet, the developers behind the controller announced momentous software updates and a manufacturing process turned real through the efforts of a fully automated assembly line.

Steam Controller Official Tweet

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Answering these ‘remarks’ and suggestions, configurations and updates were made, which can be followed up-to-date here, tweaks from an improved gyro support to customizable mapping and so forth. Nonetheless, more updates are announced for the future, the date for their institution and release depending on the following beta client (TBD)
As a closure, ever since it’s release, the controller has been subjected to some hefty scrutiny which altogether proved to be very efficient in kickstarting its popularity and tweaking its totality. Amassing users’ suggestion and the faithfulness of the developers, the controller now has:

– The ability of letting you play non-Steam games by automatically configuring the selected game in the library
– Controller HUD (enables pop-ups and gives input relating to the controller’s operation efficiency)
– Home Theater PC (allows players to customize keys in order to operate the controller outside playing games)
– Touch menu (gather hard-to-remember hotkeys into a simple, easily customizable menu
– Gyro support (more versatility; makes the controller a lot more sensitive and responsive to movements)
– Mouse Regions (different control movements can be customized, including the addition in one single place of all the complex UI)
– Improved Joystick (a lot more accurate and stable, it mimics the superiority of mouses regardless of its gamepad input)
– Configuration Travelling (ensures players that their game configurations get saved through a ‘Controller Personalization’ registration)

Nerf NOW! also gave a personal take on the controller, in their iconic, animated manner:

Nerf Now Steam Controller

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