Review: Popular Cult Movies We Have in Our Libraries

Best Cult Movies

What is a “cult” movie? Commonly referred to as a “cult classic”, it is a movie which isn’t popular enough to make it fall into the mainstream category. Often it portrays bizarre, somewhat distasteful characters and/or dark humor and revolutionary ideas. The term of cult per se indicates that the fans are passionate, appreciating it regardless of its media success. First coined and used in the ‘70s, the term was used for describing more obscure movies that were generally aired as a midnight special or others, even more underground, were viewed within conventions or film festivals.
Rather hard to be pinned down, the movies are frequently intellectually overwhelming and/or appalling, visually appealing/repulsive. Regardless of the movie’s visual effects or simplicity, a cult movie is sure to gain recognition through its ingenious methods of drawing characters and curious environments.

1. Eraserhead

The 1977 classic blends horror with dark humor and Sci-Fi elements, as directed by puzzling visual artist, screenwriter and director David Lynch. Eraserhead is still a highly controversial movie and discussions of banning it were carried several times. The bleak and troubling urban universe of the movie is strangely enticing, not to mention memorable. You cannot “erase” its impact once you’ve watched it. Asked about how his fans have interpreted the movie, Lynch said in an interview with Vulture that he enjoys having fans speculate and come up with their own opinions.


2. A Clockwork Orange

Based on the dystopian fiction of Anthony Burgess, the movie was developed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie is focused with employing several topics such as psychiatric conditions, violence, youth gangs, etc. sat in a futuristic Britain.

Best Cult Movies

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The musical comedy horror is considered one of the best cult movies of all times. Director Jim Sharman’s creativity roams free as he develops theatrical scenes subtly (or not) defining the punk scene influence of the 1970s. Satire, travesty and horror-comedy elements adorn this masterpiece.

Best Cult Movies

4. Donnie Darko

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone, Donnie Darko’s a psychological Sci-Fi drama about a teenage boy, Donnie, who is tormented by a gruesome anthropomorphic hare. The movie was released in 2001 and was directed and written by Richard Kelly.

Best Cult Movies

5. The Big Lebowski

Made by the Coen Brothers, The Big Lebowski is a 1998 black comedy about an ordinary unemployed man known as “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) who becomes the victim of a quid pro quo situation, or better yet, a hilarious, but dangerous personality mix-up.

Best Cult Movies

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