Prynt Your Photos With A Simple Cell Phone Case


Fans of Polaroids will be quite excited with the latest photo-printing case and idiosyncratic app developed by co-founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang. Made possible through a Kickstarter campaign, the idea was remarkable and fresh and due to the dedication and visionary capacities of the team, Prynt was able to fabricate a practical and highly original product.

Aiming to reimagine how users view digital content, determining them to become more intimate with their personal memories, this technique of ensuring great photos is effortless!

Compatible with most Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4) phones and iOS (iPhone 6s, 6, 5s, 5c, 5), Prynt functions through a simple app and cell phone case. Thermally printing photo-strips using ZINK® technology, tear and smudge resistant photos are thus created. A pack of 50 strips are worth $25 and the whole starter kit can be ordered here.

“Nowadays people take thousands of pictures with their cell phone, but they never look at them,” says founder Clément Perrot. “So we decided to create an object that will let them share pictures with their friends and family in a tangible way.”

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