Pikachu Looks Cuddly and Fierce as a Private Eye Investigator

Great Detective Pikachu

Skipping the duster coat, the Pokémon mascot and cuddly critter, Pikachu takes on a deerstalker and a large looking glass, heading on his way to solve intricate mysteries, while taking large gulps of coffee and conversing every once in awhile.

The upcoming 3DS adventure entitled Great Detective Pikachu will have the Electric-type Pokémon talking for the first time, in a low, grave tonality, reminiscent of the Blind Swordsman’s voice, Takeshi Kitano.

Great Detective Pikachu

Despite of not yet knowing for certain whether or not the upcoming game will enjoy an international release, the recently released trailer and compilation of news are a great reminder of the Pokémon 20th anniversary and a sufficient reason for fans to burst out in a hyperactive fit.

Paired with the young Tim, Pikachu will investigate the Rhyme City, which, according to the game’s official website is a place where humans and Pokémon live together. More details concerning the game’s mechanics, art and international release will steadily make their way into the news, after the Japan release on February 3rd.

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