Peggy Glenn Is the Perfect Mom for Deadpool!

Deadpool Turducken

Remember Deadpool’s Thanksgiving dilemma? It might be too late for that, but the sprouting news and frenzy relating to Marvel’s unconventional hero have determined fans to come up with all sorts of different requests – some of them, related to Wade Wilson’s real Mom, others linked to the turducken quandary.

Deadpool Turducken

After a lengthy ponder and a stroke of luck, we came across the cheerful and surprisingly foul-mouthed Peggy Glenn, who, on behalf of PETA donned an apron and head to the kitchen for cooking a cruelty-free turducken *cough* I meant, tofucken. You know, sautéd tempeh in marinated tofu all covered by a thick seitan slice.

Aside from offering the healthy alternative for the ‘fcking disgusting’ stuff eaten by ‘simple douchebags ‘, Ms. Peggy Glenn could proudly take the award for Best Adoptive Mother for Wade Wilson, since sadly the antihero’s Mom died of cancer when he was still a kid.

Funnily caustic and cynical, Ms. Peggy Glenn uses cusses to attract more attention towards the matter of ‘eating fcking corpses’ for Thanksgiving. In any case, it’s such a great recipe, folks can serve it throughout the years!

Don’t be a weak ass motherfcker! Go vegan:

PS. If you guys feel offended, you can always check the censored version to play it safe!

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