Real Life One-Punch Man: Thanks, ‘Lethal Soul’!

One-Punch Man Cosplay

Outrageously funny and explosive! One of the latest ‘opening parodies’ performed by Lethal Soul is dedicated to offering a slightly different approach to the epic One-Punch Man series, based on the manga created by Japanese artist ONE.

Portraying hobby superhero Saitama, Sly Kucing got the award for ‘Best Manga Cosplayer of the Year’, imo.

Captured by Le White Photography, Saitama and the gang of iconic characters, including Genos, Saitama’s disciple, the License-less Rider and others, the parody and photos are both impressive and incredibly amusing, stirring the ‘He-ro!’ scene for good.

One-Punch Man recently aired its 1st season finale, marking a highly successful outreach among fans of the manga, anime geeks and nevertheless critics who considered it one of the best anime of the year, if not of all time, ranking with an outstanding 9.5 on the Internet Movie Database.

Although it is unclear whether the second season will hit our home screens anytime soon, the series’ creator, Yusuke Murata admitted that due to the unexpected grand success of the first season, he will definitely consider a continuance to the heroic journey of the Caped Baldy Sensei, Saitama (don’t tell him I wrote that!)

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