MST3K’s Turkey Day 2015 – Spoilers and Goodies


Tune in next Thursday on the MST3K web portal for becoming a part of the epic Turkey Day marathon! The Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a phenomenal, astounding and kryptonian television series which has been dealing with a hiatus between 1998-2012, slowly making its way back into the headlines, thanks to the support of fans and their ongoing campaign of bringing back MST3K.

MST3K Turkey Day 2015

Alrighty, let’s make one thing clear: everybody’s hyped about this! Presented by Shout! Factory for the third year in a row, the event will be streamed via their portal (of über awesomeness) starting with Thursday, November 26 at noon ET/ 9 a.m PT. Fans and defenders of the best cult show ever are required to participate on the Turkey Day event by submitting poems, drawings, wacky videos or song revealing the impressions, feelings or messages they’ve got about the MST3K phenomenon at before the deadline, Wednesday, November 25th, 5 p.m ET.

This is a great chance to be a part of the wave and make your voice heard! The selected works will be shared on social media channels during the marathon. So exciting!

Creator Joel Hodgson hasn’t made the playlist public yet, however the teaser we’ve received is that there will be a total of six episodes done with the same brilliance and passion!

Mystery Channel 3000 2015

Kudos to the fans who made this possible, who fought for the beloved show to reach the desired funds needed to create a brand new season!

During last year’s marathon we got to watch Magic Voyage of Sinbad, Pod People, Giant Spider Invasion and a bunch more splashy titles (well, for us geeks at least). To find out more and stay in touch, we’ll keep you posted, but don’t forget to support their YouTube and rate their stuff!

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