MST3K Turkey Day Marathon


Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Turkey Day Marathon is just hours away from starting! The Mystery Science Theater 3000’s retro-fab Thanksgiving tradition is back with an all-new set of six classic episodes!

As announced by Joel Hodgson, the marathon will also include several breaks, during which fan mail will be read, without the exclusion of wacky videos, moving songs and poems! You might be the lucky one to appear in the show, if you’ve submitted your request to (sadly, the deadline was yesterday).

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon

Check out the Where to Watch list for more information with regards to the list of places, apps and devices you can use to watch the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon! *a burst of onomatopoeic words filling my head*

Streaming free online just for you, today, Thursday, November 26 at at 12 ET/ 9 a.m PT!!!!!

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