Missing Any Hearthstone Adventures and Cards?


Imagine getting home after a long day of work, picking up your big bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereals and getting comfy in your seat when suddenly, upon reviewing your Hearthstone deck you realize: ‘Holy Mother of everything that is holy! Where are my cards?’

As you begin to pant heavily and panic, things seem to get a lot worse: you’re missing adventures too. By this time, you’re already so desperate you lose your breath.

It’s what happened to many EU Hearthstone players not long ago, as the Blizzard network faced some serious issues which caused certain players to have missing cards and adventures.

Hearthstone Lost Adventures and Cards

After Blizzard initially asked players to reset their account passwords in order to resolve the problem, the video game developer announced that apparently this wasn’t the solution, which in turn lead them to permanently fix the issue so it will never occur.

However, if you are one of the ones who are still affected, bear in mind that there’s nothing you can do on your own and you must contact the Blizzard support team, writing them a support ticket by clicking on this link.

The sooner you do this, the better it will be and everything should go back to normal. Follow these instructions if the problems persist.

Good luck!

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