Krautscape – Macintosh


Who loves apples? What about bitten apples? Yes, yes, you know what I mean. If you own an Apple device, Krautscape is a must-have-game available for Macintosh! The super fun game is one of a kind. Not only that you build the racing track while racing against your friends, but every race creates an original soundtrack for the futuristic looking game.
Krautscape encourages you to show off your racing skills while you are controlling the flying cars that look like some robotic birds. The game focuses on competitive multiplayer gameplay and you have the advantage of practicing before racing as the game features a single player practice mode. The vehicles can be described as fast, rakish, agile cars with an advanced type of engine.
In the colourful game you create the racetrack if you are in former position and follow the race circuit if in latter position. You have the possibility of choosing the short ways in an attempt of finishing the race first. Be aware of the fact that the game has a powerful level of addictiveness
The racing sessions are relatively short and action packed with three multiplayer modes that differ in matter of gameplay and goals. It can be played online or on LAN. The game has them all: attractive visuals, compelling mechanics, engaging gameplay and stunningly matching soundtrack. The successful game was developed by Mario von Rickenbach and Playables LLC, published by Midnight City and Majesco Entertainment and released on March 31, 2014.
Brett Makedonski of Destructoid affirmed “While it’s interesting to note how flying and driving directly act against one another, they often lead to truly enthralling and memorable moments..It might take just a few minutes to grasp how everything works, but once that’s done, it’s easy to get lost in the competitive spirit and the wonderful aesthetics of the world.”

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