Ip Man 3 – The Wait Is Finally Over!


Part of the awesome Ip Man series, the upcoming motion picture will be released on January 22nd of 2016, thus continuing the legendary tale of the martial arts expert, Master Ip.

As in the previous movies, Ip Man 3 casted actor Donnie Yen in the leading role of the sequel, with director Wilson Yip venturing for a third time in the pursuit of rendering the tale of the iconic character.

Upcoming Movie Ip Man 3

Unsure and somewhat reluctant to play the character again, Yen declared in an interview:

“A successful film is a successful commercial product, once it has reached a certain position, I’d rather let it be a classic forever, as opposed to taking the risk to attempt outdoing it yet again. It would be very difficult to do the third instalment. Perhaps, after a few years, when the director finds a new angle, we could talk about it later.”

Despite this comment, Donnie Yen united his forces with Mike Tyson in an action-packed biographic movie about the martial arts grandmaster, Ip Man, renowned for his instruction and formation of Bruce Lee.

Upcoming Movie Ip Man 3

The recently released trailer is more like a teaser, in which viewers are left picking their jaws off the floor as actors unleash a load of Kung fu action and butt-kicking techniques.

This is definitely not to be missed, for all you martial arts movie junkies out there!

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