Insomniac Games Brings Forth ‘Song of the Deep’

Song of the Deep

Song of the Deep was an invigorating news to receive: coming from Insomniac Games and GameStop, the upcoming game quickly gained a heap of excitement, being referred to as the debut title for retailer GameStop, who, according to sources, is interested in publishing the game and bringing it on the market.

Song of the Sea Screenshot

To be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam sometime during this summer, the idea behind Song of the Deep is deeply entrenched in Irish mythology, imbuing both the atmosphere and symbolism assigned to it. Brian Hastings, head of the creative department at Insomniac Games revealed that his daughter’s personality also bore a momentous influence on the overall formula of the game, sketching the picture of a brave and loving character. Thus created, Merryn was to be a sensitive and empathetic figure, whose father was a lost fisherman, whose whereabouts she must find amid an abundance of underwater adventures. The adamant girl ventures on her makeshift submarine, certain of her quest’s finality as she perpetually remembers her father’s sweet tales of forgotten cities and golden treasures.

Song of the Sea Merryn

Song of the Deep is an endearing 2D side-scroller, filled with adventure and puzzles, requiring engaged players to explore the vast submerged world, riddled with fantasy and mysterious encounters. According to an interview with Polygon, Hastings had to say the following about the game’s aura:

‘We don’t want this to be just a world of beautiful background,’ Hastings said. ‘We want it to be interactive, like a children’s science museum on an alien planet.’

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