Hodor Is an A+ Class Game Reviewer

Hodor Steam Reviews

The dimwitted Game of Thrones character Hodor, servant of House Stark of Winterfell and escort of Bran Stark has exceeded expectations when Steam players stumbled upon his curator account. Straightforwardly referring to his page as Hodor Review, the large fellow with a big heart took into consideration noteworthy titles such as Crysis, Mark of the Ninja, Nosgoth, Mafia II, Half-Life 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Watch_Dogs and many other games, expressing both his discomfort or pleasure.

The ongoing discussions and lengthy interchange of opinions on matters pertaining to Hodor‘s reviews can be read here, a place where more than two hundred Steam users gather to support their favorite critic.

Below are several examples of his exquisite commentaries and remarks, taken from his official Steam curator account.

Hodor Steam Reviews
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