‘Hey, There, Spidey!’ – First Look at Holland’s Peter Parker

Tom Holland Spider Man

Perhaps a more accurate impersonation of Peter Parker, similar to Tobey Maguire’s teary-eyed Spidey, the first glimpse of Tom Holland in the shoes of Peter Parker is finally here, thanks to Marvel’s co-president Louis D’Esposito!

Spidey has certainly been under the lock and key for quite some time and the producers behind the reboot of Spider-Man planned the release date on July 7th 2017, right around Independence Day (a lot of excitement in store, yet the wait is surely a lengthy one!)

The set photo, taken on one of the Avenger’s Quinjet cockpits reveal D’Esposito and Holland, the latter sporting some makeup hinting at some fighting (remains to be seen who participated). Shared via a tweet, fans expect more teasers in the following weeks until the release of Captain America: Civil War, where Holland will effectively have his debut as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland Spider Man

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