Hello, We’re Back! Did You Miss Us?


Hiatuses aren’t easy to digest, although departures are commonly referred to as the action of commencing a journey. Consequently, let’s view this lengthy absence as a departure, which, in turn, will lead to a series of pleasant surprises to unfold, eventually highlighting a great outcome.

So far we’ve been tackling news, we’ve reviewed some major blockbusters, some gripping Indie games, a couple of funky board games and nonetheless, we got you posted with significant spoilers and teasers!

The area of entertainment today can hardly be grasped in merely a couple of lines — yet it can be divided into two, three or more strands (e.g. popular, tech, underground, geek, etc.). Since the start of Gamesources, we tried to maintain close engagement with readers, preferring to offer them quality and ingenuous content, something that isn’t anywhere near the area of publicity-devouring platforms. Indeed, by choosing to stress uncanny hues and tackle diverse content, readers will be pleased and satisfied, having received the ‘missing link’ of everyday mundane activities and newsletter-type material.

‘What’ll happen from now on?’ — many of you might be asking yourselves. The show must go on, as they say and good news, delectable reviews and stories are just around the corner for all of you! Stay tuned for more, everyday!

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