The H1Z1 the American dream turned into dust when the hordes of zombies invaded the country. While the citizens are trying their best to hide and stay safe, your mission is to fight against them. The game is set in the rural United States during a zombie apocalypse. The massively multiplayer online game is in development by Daybreak Game Company for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.
H1Z1 focuses on multiplayer co-op, trading and team-building. The only chance for you to make it through the game with your brain in its place and not craving for others’ brain is to team-up and interact with other players, build shelters, craft items, and seek for resources. For a drop of adrenaline, the game doesn’t contain any “safe zone” in the map, so you will start fighting the zombies the moment you enter the game’s world. During the game’s production, the developers researched the Venetian island of Poveglia which, during the 18th century used to be a plague colony.
Sony Online Entertainment’s plan is to have a larger map area that will be able to hold more players. The on-launch-maps won’t feature loading screens while you travel to different areas. An early access on Steam is your chance to be part of the development process and make the difference in H1Z1 as the developers will continue to make significant changes by creating new features based on the need of the game.
Charlie Hall shared his game experience with us saying “In this mid-game I’ve had all manner of interesting engagements, including running gun battles in dark forests, tense standoffs inside ruined residential homes, panic-inducing run-ins with players driving around in (currently broken and bulletproof) cars, and long-range exchanges of rifle fire along city streets.” The game has sold over one million copies, fact that proves that the game is much anticipated and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a big name in the Gaming industry.

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