Gotham Is Trapped in Winter (Say Hello to Dr Freeze)

Gotham Wrath of the Villains

Wrath of the Villains

Steadily progressing towards the release of the second half of season two, slated for Monday, February 29, the recent TV spot revealed a lot of details needed for elucidating the permeating influence of villains.

Focusing especially on the arrival of guest star Nathan Darrow’s character Victor Fries, depicted as the highly distinguished cryogenics engineer and criminal, Mr. Freeze, the crime series Gotham then hauls the entire attention to the predicaments of a city cankered by crime.

Showcasing Oswald Cobblepot (the Penguin) donned with prison stripes and fettered by chains, then Edward Nygma’s fascination with misconduct, thus leading to the formation per se of The Riddler, the notion of ‘Wrath of Villains’ begins to feel more plausible and hence more alluring as a topic.

The total of eleven episodes will be aired on FOX, promising sinister times for commissioner Gordon.

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