Frank Underwood Is Stuck Inside a Cat!

Nine Lives Movie

It’s been awhile since news arrived from the White House and Frank Underwood surely seems to have changed a lot since then! In his latest trailer, Kevin Spacey reveals his feline character, Mr. Fuzzypants!

From Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld, the upcoming motion picture will be a side-splitting comedy for the entire family, featuring Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken, Robbie Amell and Malina Weissman. Slated to be out in theaters on August 5th, the entertaining production debuted with a trailer to match its fun-o-meter, encouraging viewers to ‘See Kevin Spacey as you’ve never seen him before!’.

Nine Lives Movie

Aimed at a non-age specific audience, Nine Lives takes the life of successful businessman and billionaire Tom Brand as a center of interest; a man so entrenched in his work and busy lifestyle that he’s ultimately forgot about the importance of his family, cooling down his sentimentality to almost a trifling matter. As a result, upon winding up in a seemingly paranormal pet store, Tom encounters Felix Perkins (played by Christopher Walken), the shop owner, who acquaints him to Mr. Fuzzypants, the most intriguing and eye-catching cat, a most perfect gift for his daughter’s 11th birthday. In spite of it all, things are led astray, as Tom, on his way to Rebecca’s party experiences a God-awful accident, from which he regains his consciousness as Mr. Fuzzypants himself! Much like  any regular body swap movie, Nine Lives too essentially works towards highlighting the importance of great things, in this case: family. The headstrong tycoon must learn to appreciate his loved ones, witnessing their everyday actions and reactions, from the perspective of an unusual, yet huggable cat. Whether he will succeed in regaining his human form and existence back is yet a mystery to be discovered.

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