For Honor (What We Got So Far)

For Honor

An impactful swordfighting game involving samurai, glacial vikings and lionhearted knights – For Honor. Although the release date wasn’t yet publicly announced, the upcoming game developed by Ubisoft Montreal has been having news circulating it for quite some time, allowing admirers to stay in touch and up-to-date with the latest additions and updates.

A battlefield split among factions as a raging war erupts signals various noteworthy features. Players are engaged in a visually impressive environment which coalesces strategy, action and melee combat through a dynamic, fast-paced structure.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor will make its debut within the course of 2016, at a time when future players will have to consider a faction with which they will side, namely The Legion (Knight), The Chosen (Samurai) and The Warborn (Viking). Fighting with medieval weaponry, players will compete with each other in multiplayer mode, making use of the different abilities, weapons and customization options that are available for each faction.

One of the pioneering aspects of For Honor is the ‘Art of Battle’, an outstanding dueling mode made so skillfully well, it mimics the actual weight of the weapon, thus affecting each movement and swing.

For Honor Gameplay

‘For Honor is a medieval sword combat game built around one very basic principle: armored knights and their man-sized longswords are lumbering forces of destruction, and every swipe, thrust and parry should feel heavy.’

PC Gamer writer and hardware editor Wes Fenlon got the chance to play the game live during the E3 expo *cough* lucky bastard *cough*, which allowed him to have a more in-depth look at the structure and complementing details of For Honor:

– Medieval-stylized maps riddled with AI soldiers during combat
– Stunning sword-fighting
– ‘Art of Battle’ mode bringing about the feel and veracity of wielding a real weapon
– Faction/Hero selection (enabling players to chose their favorite from a listing of three great warrior legacies : Knights, Samurai or Vikings)
– Customization of the selected warrior (e.g. accoutrement – shoulders, chest, helmet, etc.)
– Requirement of capturing control points
– Effective combat and enemy battling in multiplayer mode
– Upon release, the game will be available for PC and PlayStation 4 (TBD with respects to other gaming consoles)

Meanwhile, until more announcements are made, the gameplay trailer is yours to examine:

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