‘Firewatch’ – Stunning, Adventurous and Spectral

Firewatch Game

Firewatch is an upcoming first-person adventure set in the disconcerting terrains of the Wyoming wilderness, a prospect developed by indie game studio Campo Santo. Bearing an exploratory nature, Firewatch is strongly tied to RPG elements, relying on interaction and first-person experience. Centered around Henry, a future divorcé who’s had a dreadful time adjusting to the recent changes in his life, players must empathize and adopt his vision, as he takes a job as a fire lookout in the idea that he will enjoy some time away from the noise of society, in a quiet place, amid the bushlands.

Firewatch Game

Henry’s only contact, notably his supervisor, Delilah, an equally unusual woman who progressively approaches the man through storytelling is maintaining a close position to him through a handheld radio.

Anyhow, the peculiar aspects of the Wyoming wilderness gradually begin to unfold, revealing something strange which may or may not endanger him and his relationship with the woman on the other side of the radio.

Firewatch Game

The highly suspenseful and visually captivating game lures players into a one of a kind exposure to the great outdoors.

A project set to head for Windows PC, Mac and Linux which will be available later on this year, as a result of the efforts of a passionate team, comprised of former Telltale Games and Klei Entertainment collaborators.

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