Exploding Kittens Available for iOS Devices

Exploding Kittens iOS

After a long wait, the beloved board game Exploding Kittens is finally thisclose to being available for iOS devices! To be released tomorrow, Thursday, January 21st via iTunes, the game was made possible through the funds raised with Kickstarter – not only was Matthew Inman able to gather all the necessary funds, but the game made it into Kickstarter’s history as the ‘most-backed project of all time’.

Developed by Substantial, the Seattle-based digital product studio with the aid of Elan Lee (Xbox), Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal and Shane Small (Xbox, Marvel), the game will cost $2 and it will include much more than the original game, adding extra material for new and old fans alike.

Sadly, no announcements were made with respects to any Android or Windows Phone versions, however everyone is well aware of how much they are wanted!

Exploding Kittens iOS
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