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Everything Saitama and One Punch Man in Two Minutes

One Punch Man in Two Minutes

The comical black and white animation created by the fellows behind the FiMFlamFilosophy YouTube channel sought to ultimately portray the true meaning of the popular anime series. Aiming at illustrating the duo Saitama-Genos, the short toon summarizes the entire 12-part series as thus:

Saitama, the lonesome superhero wouldn’t be by far as successful if it weren’t for his sidekick, Genos, the cyborg buddy who’s most loyal to his sensei, providing him with a true friendship and most honest feelings.

One Punch Man was a highly acclaimed anime, which is set to perhaps have a second season to follow-up its immense success in the nearby future. Firstly created in the form of a manga written by Japanese author and artist, ONE, the Wanpanman is the image of a man who soared to the sky in an attempt to be invincible.

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