Dying Light: Let’s Take a Closer Look at Volatiles

Dying Light Volatile

Players are virtually days away from the release of the enhanced edition of Dying Light The Following, namely February 9th. Little do they know that Techland has numerous surprises in store, of which the most recent is a reimagined version of the Be the Zombie mode. The touch-ups, including increased dynamics and intensity, followed by a new map and weaponized buggies will facilitate better combat and fresh tactics. The revamp of the asymmetric PvP mode is more than welcome, fueling the excitement and interest of fans worldwide.

“Be the Zombie plays much different in the expansion not only because of buggies and the new environment, but also because of various balance tweaks we made to the Night Hunter,’” explains producer Tymon Smektała. “Altogether it translates into a new experience that will surprise even veteran Be the Zombie players.”

In the meantime, Techland concocted the perfect zombie virus to have everyone pinned to the screen! Entitled 100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture, the video is a time lapse portraying different types of zombies, from the 1932 Voodoo Zombie to the Volatile featured in the survival horror video game.

Highly aggressive, the Volatile is an infected who manifests oneself only during the night, emerging whenever darkness is absolute. Brawny and agile, Volatiles can be identified through their horrifying shrieks and heavy breathing, however, they do have a most feared enemy and lethal weakness – UV light. Whether in the vicinity of daylight or equipped with a UV flashlight, players can escape Volatiles or buy more time. Also, they resemble the reapers from Blade II, in case anyone recalls Jared Nomak.

Dying Light Volatile

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