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Check out the First Sneak Peak of the All-New Powerpuff Girls!

Powerpuff Girls 2016

Cartoon Network’s iconic show the Powerpuff Girls has finally received a surge of teasers and sneak peaks depicting the cute, buff and clever girls of Townsville! The all-new episodes featuring the crime fighters will first premiere on Cartoon Network Latinoamérica (South America). Despite the absence of the series’ original creator, Craig McCracken, the ingenuity and energetic core was promised to remain intact, having merely been treated aesthetically and stylized so as to celebrate the comeback of the Powerpuff Girls, in the form of a fresh reboot!

Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, who ‘must save the day’ before bedtime will enjoy an entirely new voice cast, comprised of Kristen Li, Amanda Leighton and Natalie Palamides. The show was aired on CN between 1998-2005 and won two Primetime Emmys, among seventeen more award nominations. The videos posted below will reveal more or less just how the show has changed, effectively confirming the reboot and quenching some of the thirst for updates many fans have borne.

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