Cabin Fever Receives a Bloody Remake

Cabin Fever Remake

Eli Roth’s signature horror movie Cabin Fever received a remake, less than thirteen years after its release. Slated to be released on the big screen around Valentine’s Day (the perfect timing for a good scare), the remake is being helmed by director Travis Zariwny, basing the acts on the original script, written by Randy Pearlstein and Eli Roth.

Starring Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario and Nadine Crocker, the plotline is an accurate throwback to the 2002 horror, displaying a group of friends enjoying the revelry of graduation at a cabin, when they encounter a gruesome flesh-eating virus that seems to have things spiral out of control.

Some fans of Roth believe that a revamped version of Cabin Fever is unnecessary, suggesting that a sequel exhibiting the aftermath or even a prequel detailing the germination and spawn of the virus would be a more adequate take on the movie.

Cabin Fever Remake

In an interview with IGN on the remake for his debut per se in the horror genre, Eli Roth stated:

‘It’s great. And I’m saying that honestly. I saw it and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe it. Travis Zariwny the director did a fantastic job. And I saw the cut and thought that what Travis did was so smart – he kept the original script, but he changed the deaths, so all the kills are different. You don’t know how they’re going to come. I was watching it, and he didn’t tell me that he did that and I was so happy he did – because nobody wants to see a re-do that’s the same thing that they already know. So he leads you in one direction, with the audience thinking that the know what’s coming, then puts a fantastic spin on it. And it looks awesome – it’s a really fun movie. I’m happily surprised at how it’s turned out.’

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