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Brothers Make Their Own Card Game Since They Couldn’t Afford Pokémon

Brothers Created Hand Drawn Card Game

What happens when as a kid you can’t afford your favorite card game? You use your imagination and take the valiant decision of creating your own game!

Redditor one23abc and his brother dealt with the problem in question when they were younger, a matter which didn’t make them quit their dream of playing, instead it made them committed to the idea of creating more than three hundred epic hand-drawn cards.

Brothers Created Hand Drawn Card Game

Some kids play with toy cars and action figures, others take matters to an entirely different level! The thread can be read here, where most details and game simplification occur. In an attempt to elucidate the jaw-dropping game, one23abc added:

“I’ll try cover what I can remember.

There are 3 types of card: creature, evolution and item. At the start of the game you start with 3 creatures, 1 evolution and 1 item. Play is divided into player turns. You can think of each turn as having five of phases; draw, item, summon, attack (or evolve), then end. Most items can only be played during the ‘item’ phase. However some items can be played on your opponent’s turn under certain conditions (think of them as ‘trap’ cards from yugioh)

If you do not have enough MP to attack, you have to ‘struggle’ (roll a die). 1 or 6 = 20 damage 2 or 5 = 10 damage 3 = 10 damage to yourself 4 = reroll

If your creature has an evolution, you may chose to evolve instead of attack. A creature has to attack at least one time before it may evolve to the next stage (creatures typically come in 1 stagers, 2 stagers, or 3 stagers, with the latter being the least common but most powerful in a deck)

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Just make sure you have counters or stones or something to use as hp and mp.”

The full list of cards can be seen here and here.

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