Black Mirror Is Netflix-Friendly

Black Mirror Netflix

After being a hidden gem for quite some time, British Sci-fi anthology is finally making its way to US and Canada, owing to the affiliation between Netflix and the series’ creator, Charlie Brooker.

The all-new twelve episodes will be featured in full through the streaming service, tagging along with actresses Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Mackenzie Davis in one of the chapters. The teaser, released a short time ago doesn’t seem to reveal much information either; aside from the fact of confirming the existence and development of a third season.

Referring to Netflix as ‘the most fitting platform imaginable’, Charlie Brooker added: ‘It’s all very exciting — a whole new bunch of Black Mirror episodes.’

Steadily, the premiere date and further announcements with respects to the episodes will be made undoubtedly, to celebrate the highly anticipated international hit of the thrilling and utterly baffling English production.

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