Beyond: Two Souls PS3


I must say it, Beyond: Two Souls impressed me in such a manner that it haunted my thoughts for many, many days. So many times I wish it wasn’t only a game, but real life. The interactive drama action-adventure game was developed by the French studio Quantic Dream, published by Sony Computer and released in October, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 home video game console. Great news for the PlayStation 4 owners! The a version of the game for this console is in development and it will be released at some point in the future. I know, I know, very accurate, but the PS4 version was announced in June, this year, without a set date of release.


So, the game is not for every gamer. I think this should be made clear from the beginning. The game it’s more like a movie that you can control. Speaking of control, you will take on the role of Julie, a young woman gifted with a talent that allows her to perform telepathic acts such as manipulating objects and possessing people’s’ minds. And this is all due to her connection with. Aiden, a mysterious entity through whom she can communicate with. Her adventures begins when, after an incident with some neighbourhood kids, Aiden almost kills one of them. Jodie’s foster parents then decide that it would be better to leave her in permanent custody of doctor Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman of the fictive US Department of Paranormal Activity.


The game is full of epic moments when you will find yourself absorbed by the story for hours in a row. As mentioned before, you will primarily control Jodie, but you can switch to control Aiden during a two-player game. Aiden can move through walls, ceilings, and other obstacles. As he is connected to Jodie, he is also limited to moving only a certain area around Jodie. You will fight, sneak through environments and do all it takes to keep the non playing characters alive.


The BAFTA nominated the game for Best Artistic Achievement (John Rostron, David Cage, Guillaume De Fondaumiere), Best Original Music (Lorne Balfe), and Best Performer (Ellen Page). The game received mixed reviews upon its release with over one million copies sold in the first three months. Impulsegamer scored the game 5 out of 5 shining stars commenting “The realism is unparalleled and although the control system borders more on the casual gaming arena than hardcore, it allows both gamers and non-gamers to become captivated by Jodie Holmes and her paranormal entity known as Adien. The ending will simply blow your mind but once again, this is dependent on the actions that you have chosen which leads to the dramatic finale. Highly Recommended!”

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