Barbie Is Ready to Munch Doritos, Drink Mountain Dew and Play Video Games!

Game Developer Barbie

In a recent announcement, Mattel, the manufacturing company behind the ‘doll of every girl’s dream’ revealed their roster of additions to the brand: a bunch of new Barbie dolls, such as Fashionistas, the Spy Squad, President and Vice President and last but not least Game Developer Barbie!

In an attempt to diversify the careers of the sympathetic Barbie, the toy company took a more reality-inspired turn, giving girls the opportunity to mull over their investigative qualities, their diplomatic and gaming skills. Surely, she probably won’t be be swishing Mountain Dew or munch on Doritos, but Barbie will most certainly be playing at her ergonomic standing desk! This time sporting red locks and geeky glasses, Barbie is ready for anything coming her way, since her army green bomber jacket and washed out jeans shout out ‘I’m making a statement!’.

Game Developer Barbie

Most probably playing Team Fortress 2 or CS:GO, her ultimate OP skills will be revealed in summer, when she will be available for purchase in stores worldwide.

Oh, and by the way: don’t shut an eye to this, maybe this is the best chance you’ve got to get your little girl more in tune with her gaming qualities!

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