Alright, Deadpool Sure Enjoys Making Fun of TV Brethrens

Deadpool X-Files

We’ve been knowing the facts for awhile now: Deadpool is unconventional, raunchy, sardonic, raw and hilarious. Scheduled to be released next month, February 12, the upcoming movie will feature Ryan Reynolds playing the jester, Deadpool and mercenary Wade Wilson.

Set around the reboot of The X-Files, the anti-hero in question thought it would be awesome to poke fun around the mysterious Sci-Fi drama.

His recent photos, revealed via Twitter read various punch lines, such as ‘Weapon X-Files: Scientists fit Wade Wilson with adamantium genitals. Coming (never) to Fox.

Deadpool X-Files

The second reveals another photo attached, displaying ‘that guy in the red suit’ acting rather skeptical, trying perhaps to eavesdrop at ghosts? ‘The Merc is out there!’.

Deadpool X-Files

Lastly, a short video accompanied by the text ‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you, Wade’ wraps up the ‘make fun of the X-Files hour’ (with plenty of laughter to go with it, of course)

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