A Glance Backward

A Glance Backward Graphic Novel


Magnetic Press yet again brought enthusiastic readers a casket of treasures in the form of a visually-charming graphic novel. A Glance Backwards composes the story of Joey,  an eleven-year-old boy who drifts away into a surreal world, enveloped by fantasy and labyrinthine details. The vivid colors rendered in watercolor expertly illustrate the perplexing imageries of childhood found on the verge of breaking into adulthood. Reminiscent of Burtonian art, the page-turning novel, abundant in adventure and mystical characters offers an escapism for the enamored readers.

A Glance Backward Graphic Novel

Originally published in French as “Un Regarde Par-dessus L’epaule”, the novel has been compared to a masculine version of Alice in Wonderland, given its enclosure of a fabulous reality, experienced through the eyes of fleeting youth.

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