Beware the Shuriken: These Are the Top 5 Best Ninja Movies

Best Ninja Movies

What is it about ninjas that we love so much? Is it the stealth and covert missions? Their tactics and elaborate disguise? The final reason for why we are fond of them may just as well involve this and a lot more – let’s face it: ninjas are badass; they’re an exquisite group of trained mercenaries who could chop an enemy to pieces or have him pass out in no-time.
The following list seeks to shed some light on that which comprises the symbolism and stamina of the ninja, with examples from both the Western and Eastern culture.

5. Ninja
Ranking no. 5 on our list, the 2009 movie starring renowned martial artist Scott Adkins brings forth the character of Casey Bowman. An apprentice of the Ninjutsu fighting techniques in Japan, Casey is required to return to the US for protecting a fabled chest containing weapons belonging to Koga Ninja (or the ancient school of Ninjutsu). New, ingenuous and provocative, Ninja gathered plenty positive remarks from critics all around the world, despite having to conjure ancient times into today’s reality.

4. Shinobi No Su (Mission Iron Castle)
The movie is centered on the legendary Iron Castle at Kitanosho which stands as an impediment for the team of ninjas who must cross through it in order to complete their task. Released in 1972, Shinobi No Su is iconic due to its choice of decorum and formidable execution.

Best Ninja Movies

3. Samurai Spy
The 1965 classic was highly acclaimed by critics and cinephiles, who praised the excellent performance of leading actors Hiroshi Aoyama and Jun Hamamura and the screening choices of movie director Masahiro Shinoda. Deceit, intrigue and drama surround the characters involved in the ambiguous web of action.

Best Ninja Movies

2. Ninja Scroll
The 1993 anime movie shows the story of Jubei Kibagami who goes against the stream, trying to preserve whatever strength he has left for withstanding the Devils of Kimon, a vicious organization of demonic ninjas. With a superb use of colors and intricately woven script, Ninja Scroll righteously wins no. 2 in our list. Get ready to enthusiastically praise the winner..!

1. Shinobi No Mono (Ninja, a Band of Assassins)
Without further ado, Shinobi No Mono is an heirloom of the Action genre that was released in 1962 by Satsuo Yamamoto portraying Ishikawa Goemon, a ninja who is confronted with the arduous task of assassinating a scheming warlord. With meager special FX, Satsuo Yamamoto tried to emphasize realistic details and focus on historical elements.

Best Ninja Movies

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