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2015 in Anime: The Overview You’ve Been Waiting For! – Part 4

2015 Anime Guide

It has certainly been an arduous journey through an amass of outstanding titles depicting the most acclaimed and top-ranked anime of 2015. Having encompassed praiseworthy TV series and films, such as Gintama, Ajin, Death Parade, Assassination Classroom, Overlord, The Boy and the Beast and much more, our list finally reached the culminating point of top five. Action-packed, ridden with ridiculous humor or mysterious and eerie themes, these titles were quintessential examples of 2015, as they have successfully managed to convey a true testament of artistry and spellbinding writing.

Regardless as to whether one has seen these productions or not, their imprint shall remain deeply embedded in the memories of many, restlessly awaiting to be discovered by even more like-minded individuals.

#5 Anthem of the Heart

A heartbreaking drama revolving around the life of Jun, a young girl whose ability to speak was hindered by a magic fairy. Asserting that Jun could inflict harm upon others through misuse of words, she has henceforth been torn due to a psychosomatic illness, with the egg fairy benefiting from an overexertion of omnipotence. Immersing viewers into a one-of-a-kind fairy tale, director Tatsuyuki Nagai sought nothing more than to educate anime fans into the veracious ways of the heart.

2015 Anime

#4 Lupin III

A throwback to the classical artwork and form of the franchise, Lupin III is another notable addition to the portfolio of the antihero, Arsene Lupin. Exploring the intricacies behind the portrait of Arsene Lupin III, grandson of the world’s greatest thief, the twenty-three-part anime features an exciting and somewhat comical adventure with an action unveiling in Italy.

2015 Anime

(◔◡◔) THE PODIUM \ (•◡•) / 

#3 Psycho Pass

Creating a superb mélange of crime, mystery, cyberpunk, psychological and futuristic themes, Psycho Pass was rendered in the eyes of many as a Ghost in the Shell-reminiscent work, imbuing police mystery and cybernetics, through a fastidious relationship set in the near future, where the mind and personality are quantifiable objects. All-embracing with respects to cyberpunk and the dynamism of the future, the anime spanning twenty-two episodes in length is a sure binge-watching perk!

2015 Anime

#2 The Perfect Insider

Everything Becomes F or The Perfect Insider tells a puzzling and enthralling digital age mystery, encompassing a murderous game, an illustrious, to some extent hikikomori computer programmer and researcher, Shiki Magata and a small group of people who meddle with a perplexing, distant island and its underlying, gruesome truth. Available through Hulu and Crunchyroll, The Perfect Insider righteously wins the second position for its excellent use of psychological and investigative elements, noticeable throughout the twenty minutes worth of each episode.

2015 Anime

#1 One-Punch Man

Without further ado, the laurels go to our sensei, Saitama, the superhero known as One-Punch Man or the Caped Baldy Sensei (nevermind the last bit, he might get mad over that). A paragon for the 2015 anime genre, the show enjoyed phenomenal success since its debut for TV in October, 2015, courtesy to Shingo Natsume and Madhouse. The seemingly average hero became a worldwide phenomenon through his OP fast knock-out one punch which could finish even the most terrifying monster. Arigatō, Saitama. Thanks, dude. You’re my hero!

2015 Anime

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