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2015 in Anime: The Overview You’ve Been Waiting For! – Part 3

2015 Anime Guide

Halfway into our list, things are starting to get spiced up, as we approach the ten top-ranked anime titles of 2015. After having expressed the complementing elements of highly acclaimed productions such as Gintama, Ajin, Death Parade, Assassination Classroom and others, the extensive journey continues with more imaginative visual marvels.

Not dodging the least bit the certainty that 2015 was an exemplary year in the maturation of the genre, the assemblage of ‘weeaboos’, anime fans and critics alike have continuously stressed the ground-breaking additions which have dramatically reshaped the Japanese animated genre.  

Unhurriedly moving forward, the first part of ‘the top 10’ is outlined, revealing several TV series and films, such as The Boy and the Beast or Overlord, contrasting but similar in their panache and accomplishment of awe-inspiring imageries and stirring plotline.

#10 Overlord

Falling into the category of fantasy and the supernatural, Overlord premiered in summer 2015, introducing viewers to the terrifying scenario of being entrapped within a virtual realm, i.e. the gaming universe of Yggdrasil. Featuring a misanthropic, lonely teenager who upon refusing to log off from the popular game which unexpectedly shut down gets drawn into a hazardous situation, the puzzling story introduces the protagonist as Momonga, a grisly-looking, skeletal wizard who must survive in a taxing and insufferable habitat.

2015 Anime

#9 Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

The mecha sci-fi drama is currently airing (available through Hulu, Daisuki and Crunchyroll) , notifying its followers of a total of twenty-five spectacular episodes, revealing a prominent division among men, as they have experienced the Calamity War, among inhabitants of Earth and Mars. Grief-stricken, a grouping of young soldiers is assigned to protect a Martian princess, Kudella Aina Bernstein, who seeks to regain independence for martians, relieving them from Earthly restrictions. The Iron-Blooded Orphans, bearing Mikazuki Augus at heart, display a courageous and most experienced mobile weapon operator. The question remains: Who will win in this war struck world of chaos?

2015 Anime

#8 Ojarumaru

The fourth spin-off film entitled Ojarumaru Special: Hinata of the Forgotten Forest carries on with the story of Ojarumaru, the noble youngster who got jaded with his life of duties and unceasing demands, in the faded Heian era, about 1000 years ago. The novel story brings the spirited protagonist at a forked road with a sweet girl who underwent the hardship of war, leading the short movie in the direction of an empathetic experience.

2015 Anime

#7 The Empire of Corpses

An entrancing psychological masterpiece, the Empire of Corpses was released in fall, under the guidance of director Ryôtarô Makihara and inspiration from the written works of the Japanese science-fiction writer, Project Itoh. The movie arouses deep interest in its viewers through the depiction of an uncanny civilization, turned macabre due to the inhumane science built around Dr. Frankenstein’s studies about life, death and reanimation. The thought-provoking script, illustrating the British Empire in the year of 1878 brings about reanimated corpses or ‘zombies’, if you will, who are specially designed to aid industrial development through their unabating labor. How will John Watson resolve this gruesome case and will there be an end to this madness?

2015 Anime

#6 The Boy and the Beast

Often associated with a revamped version of The Jungle Book since its release, The Boy and the Beast is a powerful movie dealing with numerous insightful themes concerning the human and bakemono (a group of shapeshifting, preternatural creatures) realms. Exploring the fantastic and its infinite horizons, the Mamoru Hosoda-directed movie takes viewers aboard on a ship set out to reach the adventurous, imaginary world of Jutengai.

2015 Anime

… to be continued.

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