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2015 in Anime: The Overview You’ve Been Waiting For! – Part 2

2015 Anime Guide

Enjoying the ride? So far we’ve been browsing through quite a couple of major headlines of the past year, among which we mention: Gintama, Ajin or Gatchaman Crowds Insight. Rendered in cutting-edge animation and featuring impressive stories, the selection of top-ranked anime of 2015 have essentially surpassed all the other pawning titles which have popped out throughout the year owing to two key factors: popularity and distinctiveness.

#15 Bottom-Biting Bug

The fourth season of the congenial gag comedy features yet again the character of Oshiri Kajiri Mushi XVIII, the ever sympathetic bug who has enrolled himself at a “biting school”, in order to benefit from proper training and education so as to inherit his family’s business in the nearby future. The short comedy clocks in around five minutes, encompassing a total of ten episodes revealing the humorous events surrounding B.B.B and the far-fetched Bitery, while he is faced with daily “biting” demands.

2015 Anime

#14 Gangsta

An ulcerous society, ridden with crime, prostitution and fraudulence demands two handymen, Worick and Nicolas, to sweep away the unpleasant stains, perhaps revoke the reality and present a wishful, enjoyable environment. Gangsta is comprised of twelve raw episodes, fueled with action and unkind personas who are off to mold the world however they please, regardless if they resort to corruption or not (and most of the time they do. Alright, maybe all of the time).

2015 Anime

#13 Assassination Classroom

A TV series of great success which premiered in the first part of 2015, Assassination Classroom illustrates the students of class 3-E dealing with a menacing teacher, Koro-sensei, a creature who mutilated the moon to a permanent crescent, further threatening the very Earth with his mischievous nature. Spanning twenty-two episodes, the anime was adapted from the manga written by Yuusei Matsui, the big hit which tells a story focused primarily on how to polish one’s assassination skills in order to impede the evil from manifesting.

2015 Anime

#12 Death Parade

A deeply psychological twelve-part series examining Quindecim, a bar sat in between Heaven and Hell, where a peculiar white-haired man, Decim welcomes those who have passed away, causing them to remain still in a deceiving place, unaware whether they are alive or dead. Through trickery and shrewdness, he crawls underneath their skin to reveal their true identity, thus eliciting their final judgement. Now, here’s the joke: What happens when an equally astute character walks in the bar?

2015 Anime

#11 A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

Short, striking and side-splitting: the second season of Ketsuekigata-kun!, aka A Simple Thinking About Blood Type in the West continues with the jocular events surrounding the friendly group of blood types, each characterized through a laugh-provoking stereotype.

2015 Anime

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