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2015 in Anime: The Overview You’ve Been Waiting For! – Part 1

2015 Anime Guide

Alright, you ‘weeaboos’ and anime geeks: this here is what you’ve been waiting for the entire month: the overview of the year, i.e. the top-ranked anime of 2015!

Whether family-friendly, offbeat, controversial or ‘slice of life’, the following list, as voted by anime binge watchers reflects some of the most acclaimed and highly original productions that have altogether orchestrated the year into an entertaining experience.

The twenty titles display an array of genres, ensuring a varied and delicious ‘smorgasbord’ to peruse over swiftly or slate ahead a marathon, in case you’ve missed anything (don’t forget to be quick about it, since 2016 is just around the corner!)

Comprising such a vast area of subgenres, Anime has become a worldwide phenomenon, due to its versatility, richness and strong will to appeal to the public’s demands. Either spawn spontaneously or based on a manga, it has remained a salient example of Asian culture and its depiction of life on the whole.

#20 Gatchaman Crowds Insight

A remarkable twelve-part series, sequel to the 2013 Gatchaman Crowds – portrays the complementing factors and prerequisites of being a hero, as well as the notion of heroism. As the populace is inculcated with a mob mentality and the effects of the digital age wreak havoc, staggering men into apathy, the portentous group of superheroes must mend a bond that has been broken long ago.

2015 Anime

#19 Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

Comprising a total of thirty six episodes, Durarara!!x2 Ketsu was adapted from the light novel Durarara!!, written by Ryohgo Narita. A continuance to the eponymous 2010 anime, it starts off half a year after the Yellow Scarves event, revealing the Ikebukuro district steadily recovering from the forceful blow it received through the war. Imbued with mystery and a touch of the supernatural, the anime advances with the stories of Izaya and Celty, as they are both engrossed in troubling matters.

2015 Anime

#18 My Teen Romantic Comedy

The highly cynical and dispassionate high schooler Hachiman Hikigaya is yet again forced to bear with the distressing Volunteer Service Club, an aggravating place where he is found in an antithetical position with the perky girls Yukino and Yui. Overall, an amusing romance story set in a scholastic milieu.

2015 Anime

#17 Ajin: Demi-Human

There’s a good reason why this one is called ‘Demi-Human’; The seinen horror engages viewers into the cruel reality of the Ajin, the humans who cannot die. Centered around a dystopian society where the Ajin are ostracized and persecuted due to their vulnerability, the anime gradually steps in the shoes of Kei, an astute teenager who discovers that he is the 47th Ajin, after facing his first death, so to speak, in a paralyzing truck accident. Dying in the face of others, Kei must gather all his strength to escape a hellish existence of human experimentation.

2015 Anime

#16 Gintama

The third season of the parodic TV series featuring Gintoki Sakata, an unconventional and eccentric samurai who has a penchant for quaint occupations is now completely revamped and packed with exciting new adventures, including wacky aliens, a splash of ecchi-ness and nevertheless weird occurrences during the Edo period of Japan.

2015 Anime

… to be continued.

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